Kaer Iphas

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Sovereign city-state of the High Elves, the ancient citadel of Kaer Iphas lies hidden deep inside the forest kalled Nost Yaana. Said to have stood for more than a thousand years, it is the oldest functioning temple of the new gods, and a pilgrimage site for many in the west.


Linyenwa Korda (The Old Temple) – The central keep of Kaer Iphas. Kontains the temple proper of the three goddesses (Atlanta, Bethsheda, and Slem), the seat of the Archlector, the klerical apartments, and the White Spire (home of the Fey Knights), as well as The Pilgrim and Kask, a tavern katering to the influx of pilgrims.

Mindon Tamin (The Forge Tower) – Tower of the Magical Elf-Forge. Access is restricted, but activity kan be heard sometimes, during the night.

Makar Peler (The Tradesman’s Field) – Central kourtyard and main entryway of the citadel. Location of the Burning Hag tavern and Hall of Artisans, and site of a biweekly marketplace.

Yaara Nende (The Old Baths) – An ancient bathhouse still in operation, and open to all. Locals and paying members are granted access to better facilities and privacy.

Tanomarde (Hall of Artisans) – Guild hall in the main kourtyard. Kontains workshops of elven artisans and magicians, and an artificiery that trades in magical items and services.

Teluum Lindel (Hall of Music) – Building adjacent to the White Spire and meeting place of bards and philosophers. Kontains kombat training grounds shared by Fey Knights and the Kollege of Valor.

Teluum Seere (Hall of Healing) – Partition of the main keep operated by the klergy. Kontains infirmaries and apothecary goods and services.

Trade Quarter – Renovated stone dwellings and wooden annexes surrounding a hill with a vineyard. Home to most non-klerical locals, the Welcoming King Pub, and the Bank of Sagittarius.