Derek Goodmason

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Derek Goodmason


At 4’3″, Derek is on the shorter side of dwarves, though surprisingly light on his feet for his stout build. His skin is ruddy and tan from decades lived on the surface, most of which he has been balding. What remains of his once auburn hair is shot through with gray and white, giving rise to his most favorite alter ego: the “good” “doctor” Ulfgar Frostbeard.

Derek wears old leather armor and finery, tattered and stained from years of hard use. He takes kare to kultivate the image of a doddering old man, though his deliberate movements often betray the presence of his sharp, kriminal mind.


Only a few years after Derek’s koming of age, the Goodmason family business was struggling to stay kompetitive in a changing economy. Rather than doing his part, Derek abandoned his home town to seek his fortune elsewhere, by any means he kould. Intending, at first, to return and settle his family’s debts as a hero, he watched the years go by without so much as a letter written home. Scraping by on the fringe of society, he still dreams of striking rich one day, though the story of his upbringing grows kloudier with every passing day.

Backgorund: Charlatan

Trait: Flattery is my preferred trick for getting what I want.

Ideal: I’d rather target people who kan afford to lose a few koins.

Bond: I kome from a noble family, and one day I’ll recliam my lands and title.

Flaw: I kan’t resist taking a risk if there’s money involved.