A bustling trade city spread across the banks of the River Rincos. Typically sees a swell in population during summer months due to the presence of traders and other transients.

Known Locations:

The Plaza of Vagabonds  – Primary thoroughfare and bustling marketplace. A great statue of the spirit Sagittarius rests upon a plinth in the center of the main road.

The High Harvest – Temple of Atlanta where skilled kraftsmen work their forges. The PCs purchased armor and silvered weapons here.

The Docks – Entrance to the “lower city,” this riverside district is home to trading kompanies and their warehouses, as well as a single bridge that leads to the island districts of Treasure Town and Ignatio’s Landing.

Treasure Town – Bad neighborhood with mazes of alleys between klustered rowhouses. The PCs passed through here briefly at the beginning of the pilgrimage to Kaer Iphas.

Ignatio’s Landing – Houses locks that serve as a checkpoint on the eastern bank of the river.

A Pair of Black Antlers – Middle-of-the-road tavern and inn that adjoins the guild hall of the Order of the Hammer.

Churaud Studium – University where scholars study theology, medicine, art, law, and arcane studies. Leosin Erlanthar took the body of the dragonkin bandit here for study.